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Haven't used the pager in over a year, continued receiving bills for pagers they said we never returned.because we didn't save the shipping label we paid the bill only to keep being billed .27 finance charges which means the account never closes.

You have to account for finance charges because your check may not be processed before the next billing cycle and the rep doesn't tell you about it. Again, so you can never close the account!! USA Mobility has horrible customer service and refuses to hold themselves accountable for bad business practices.

We would never choose them in the future.

usa mobility charged for nonexistent or deficient service

Scranton, Pennsylvania 0 comments

This summer, I started to hear I was missing pages.Calling nearly every week in june and july to complain got me nowhere.

Representatives tried all kinds of remedies, some of which appeared to work for a day, but mostly, I was told I was in a "dead area" even though the beeper had been working there for the past 20 years. I finally cancelled the contract at the end of july, requesting a refund for the prepaid month of august as well as adjustment of the fee for the useless previous 2 months. Result: I was charged for another 3 months service.

I got no reply to a registered letter reiterating these requests, though I did receive a refund for the renewed subscription.I feel this is really substandard treatment and cannot recommend USA Mobility to anyone

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USA Mobility (paging) unreliable; extremely poor support

Belle Vernon, Pennsylvania 3 comments

Have had a pager for nearly 8 years. Started with Metrocall; had no problems. USA Mobility took over; have had crappy service ever since.

1.) This is a text pager, with an email address so I can receive email alerts from automated systems. When USA Mobility took over, they changed the email address. Did they bother to tell me? No! I had to find out when I should have received a page and didn't, tested the service that had been working, and the test failed. When I called to report the issue, that's when I was told that they changed the email address.

2.) About a week ago, I became aware that email alerts were once again no longer reaching my pager. I tested by sending an email to the pager, by going to their web site and submitting a page from there, and by calling the pager number from a phone. I received only the phone page. Additionally, we verified from our mail server that their mail server was not accepting connections, meaning no emails could reach it. I called to report the trouble, and after they did some basic troubleshooting (reset pager, etc) they insisted that I needed a new pager (even though I was receiving phone pages). Due to a service contract, they couldn't charge me for the new pager, but I would have to pay shipping fees. This being a critical item for me (the only reason for having a pager is so that I can be contacted when necessary, and cell phone service is very spotty in this area), I told them to ship the pager overnight and I would pay the higher shipping charges.

3.) I received the new pager the next morning, and immediately activated and tested it. Surprise! The same results as the old pager -- I could receive phone pages, but not web pages or email pages, and their email server is still refusing connections. Have called back every day for over a week, trying to escalate the problem and get it resolved. Do they ever call me back with any status updates? No! Have they fixed the issue? No! I just keep getting a runaround ("we're looking into it", "I'll personally monitor your issue and call you back", "we've submitted the issue to the technicians and there's nothing more we can do", etc.).

Bottom line: Do not trust this vendor. They are not only unreliable, but don't care to resolve issues.

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I work for a hospital, and we rely very heavily on pagers, SALLY. You need to consider that, sometimes, in a rural setting such as a small regional hospital, cell coverage is spotty at best. Maybe you should get out more?!?



Tollegno, Piemonte, Italy #59458

It's 2009 and you're still using a pager? :grin What an ***.

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